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Back Country HikeA moderately strenuous backcountry hike, 6 miles roundtrip, 800' elevation gain, to a natural mineral hot springs for a relaxing soak. Take advantage of the mild winter temperatures in the desert!

*** Note: whenever daytime temperatures exceed 105 degrees there will be no hike. ***
Call to check during summer months.

This half day exploration of beautiful White Rock Canyon, a narrow volcanic canyon to the Colorado River, has the destination of the Arizona Hot Springs where you will have a relaxing soak. On the way you will see a wide variety of desert plants, including indigo bush, rush-milkweed, Mormon tea, globe mallow, rock daisy, brittle bush, and desert rock nettle. Ancient Indian rock art and petroglyphs are seen on the steep cliff faces. Collared lizards scurry about, and an occasional chuckwalla is encountered.

Rest stops along the way provide chances to rest, refuel and re-hydrate. As the canyon opens up onto White Rock beach, the mighty Colorado River comes into view. Here we enjoy our picnic lunch in the silence and grandeur of Black Canyon and can dip our tired feet in the refreshing cool water. After lunch our guide leads up the short trail to the hot springs. As we scramble over basalt worn smooth, the first pools present themselves. The water from the springs is mineral rich and the warmth of the water holds its own healing properties. Additional hot springs lie beyond these; situated in the tall cliffs and promising warmer temperatures with each step. Sit and soak as a sliver of sky peeks through the narrow canyon.

After a relaxing soak in the pools, our guide leads us on the 3 mile trek out of the canyon. We reach the trailhead and return to civilization in an air conditioned vehicle. Finish off this remarkable wilderness adventure with a nice view of Lake Mead and the Colorado River while passing over the Hoover Dam.

Rest assured you are in good hands. Our guides are experts in these canyons, and can cater to all levels of experience and ability. Hike summary:
A moderately strenuous backcountry hike, approximately 6 miles roundtrip with an 800' elevation gain.
You will be hiking mostly in a gravel wash, with some minor rock scrambling. Sturdy shoes and socks required. Wear layers. Long pants will protect you from sun and cactus. Fleece is warm; try not to wear cotton or jeans - they retain water and are uncomfortable. Bring a bathing suit for soaking, towel (optional), hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
We supply snacks, bottled water, and lunch in a small daypack.
Time - approximately 6 hours.
Hotel to hotel transportation included.
This tour may be subject to an additional fuel surcharge.

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