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Mount CharlestonThis exciting tour takes you through the Toiyabe National Forest, into a majestic alpine setting. We stop at the charming Mount Charleston Lodge, nestled amid a spectacular forest of ponderosa pines. Views of the jagged, towering cliffs, encompassed by the fir, spruce and aspen trees make this landscape simply gorgeous. Descending through Kyle Canyon, we venture off the highway for an excursion through the desert that exposes the true natural beauty of this one-of-a-kind region. Temperatures are approx. 20-30 degrees cooler, layered clothing is recommended.

* We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and outdoor clothing.
* Sunscreen and hats are recommended.
* Remember to bring your camera and film.
* Our custom Tour Trekkers are fully air-conditioned.
* Tour Duration: 4hrs.
* This tour may be subject to an additional fuel surcharge.

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