Speed Vegas Tickets

Speed Vegas

Age Requirement: 18+

An unforgettable experience, SPEEDVEGAS lets you drive your dream car on a real racetrack! With over 15 supercar options, ranging from a Lamborghini Aventador to an Audi R8, you're in complete charge as you zip around a custom, private 1.5 mile racetrack. The SPEEDVEGAS racetrack features 60' of elevation change, 12 challenging turns, and a monster half-mile straight to make your experience as unforgettable and thrilling as possible. 

Your SPEEDVEGAS experience comes with complimentary transportation to-and-from the Las Vegas Strip, as well as an included training on how to handle the cars. We recommend allowing 2 hours for the experience. 

For current availability and personal assistance, please call our office at 800-597-7469!