A Day to Remember Tickets

A Day to Remember

Age Requirement:
Ages 5 and up. Ages 5-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

A Day To Remember was founded in a small town in Florida during 2003. Their unusual blend of metalcore and pop punk has given them a sound unlike any other - and a fanbase that goes right along with it. Their first album, released officially in 2005, was a booming success, despite their drummer leaving shortly after release. They continued to produce and release new music regularly, and in 2013 were given the right to self-release. 

Their most recent venture, Bad Vibrations, was a bit of a mystery. The band initially teased minute details of the album, and continued to headline the Big Ass Tour across the world without dropping any new singles. Finally, on June 2nd of 2016, the title song of their new album dropped. 

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